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This live album captures the energy and excitement of Eclipse in concert and features many of the highly requested songs not found on any other Eclipse album, such as McDonald’s Girl, Every Other Time, and Eclipse’s Rap Medley. It will also include a rendition of My Maria featuring Peter Breinholt on lead vocals.

  1. Live It On Up
  2. Kick Back, Relax
  3. If I Ever Fall In Love
  4. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  5. Keep Pushin' On
  6. You
  7. Every Other Time
  8. My Maria
  9. Danny Boy
  10. McDonald's Girl
  11. Always Coca-Cola
  12. She's Out of My Life
  13. Boom! Shake the Room
  14. Zoot Suit Riot
  15. God Bless America
  16. All My Life
  17. Live It On Up remix (Bonus Track)
  18. Star Spangled Banner (Bonus Track)